North American Filtration

Integrated Manufacturer and Supplier of Filtration and Separation Technologies
Over One Hundred Employees in Four Locations
Thousands of Installations in Six Continents

North America Filtration began in 1978 as Mer-Made Filter , our first operating division. Mer-Made Filter manufactures commercial FRP filtration systems and provides fiberglass fabrication for our other divisions.

In 1988 North America Filtration expanded with the acquisition International Reinforced Fiberglass Products which was incorporated into Mer-Made Filter in South Carolina.

In 1994 North America Filtration acquired Liquid/Solid Separation Corp. from Multi-metal Wire Cloth Inc., creating our second operating division which is now LEEM/LSS. The second product group of this division, LEEM FILtration, was acquired in 2002. LEEM/LSS manufactures and sells Pressure Leaf Filters, Tube Filters, V-Wire Screening Materials and provides various stainless steel products for our other divisions.

In 2000 North American Filtration acquired two new product groups from Waterlink, Inc., MTS-Mass Transfer Systems and Sanborn Technologies. MTS-Mass Transfer Systems manufactures and sells engineered solutions for jet aeration and mixing of wastewater. Sanborn Technologies provides packaged centrifuge and filtration systems to various industries for the recycling and minimization of industrial fluids.

In 2010 North American Filtration acquired Chemtrac, Inc. which is a manufacturer of Process Monitoring and Control Instrumentation.

In 2016 North American Filtration acquired NEFCO, a major provider of engineered fiberglass products to the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry.

Mer-Made Filter

Serving the Municipal Water Filtration, Commercial Swimming Pool, Chemical and Paper Mill Industries Since 1984.

We specialize in the following products and systems:

  • Commercial Sand Filters
  • Vacuum Diatomite Filter Assemblies
  • FRP Strainers
  • Float (Modulating) Valves
  • Level Controls (Positive Seal) Valves
  • Surge Tanks

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MerMade Products

LEEM/LSS Filtration

LEEM Filtration is a diversified manufacturer of custom filtration products including pressure leaf filters, filter leaves, underdrains, lateral systems and wedge wire screens

LEEM Filtration is a diversified manufacturer and engineering designer of products for filtration. We produce North American Hercules® filters as well as automation packages, components and parts for them. We have engineers and manufacturer's representatives available to our customers and potential customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Some of our key products are:

  • Pressure Leaf Filters
  • Wedge Wire Screens
  • Tube Filters
  • Custom Filtration Fabrication and Engineering

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LEEM Products

MTS-Mass Transfer Systems

Mass Transfer Systems is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of jet mixing and aeration systems for biological wastewater treatment.

MTS employs degreed engineers in environmental, chemical, and mechanical disiplines to review applications, design systems, and provide customer support.

We specialize in the following products and systems:

  • Jet Aeration
  • Jet Mixing
  • Submersible Aspirators
  • Floating Effluent Decanters

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MTS Products

Sanborn Technologies

Sanborn Technologies is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of separation equipment and systems for industrial applications.

Our Application and Design Engineers are experts in centrifugal and ultrafiltration technology are available to work on your particular application, whether it requires a custom system or a simple off-the-shelf solution.

We specialize in the design, manufacture and application of the following systems and products:

  • Centrifuges
  • Ultrafiltration Systems
  • Oil/Water Coalescers

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NEFCO Products


Chemtrac is a leading manufacturer of process monitoring and control instruments used in water, wastewater, and other industrial processes.

Our company philosophy is to strive to be the very best in our field of expertise.

We specialize in the the following products:

  • Streaming Current Monitors
  • Coagulant Charge Analyzers
  • Polymer Controls System
  • Particle Counters and Monitors
  • Residual Chlorine Analyzers
  • Electrokinetic Charge Analyzers and Titrators
  • Turbidimeters

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Chemtrac Products


For more than 20 years, NEFCO has been developing exciting new products for the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry.

NEFCO is a major provider of engineered fiberglass products to the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry. The company is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States.

We specialize in the following products:

  • Stamford Baffle 2.0
  • Dual Surface Baffle
  • Algae Covers
  • Odor Control Covers
  • FRP Troughs
  • Weirs & Scum Baffles
  • Baffle Walls

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Sanborn Products